Platypus Programming Language

Platypus is a programming language for Observability Data Pipeline

Trusted by popular platforms and tools about observability


A better way to write Observability Data Pipeline

Make the data pipeline on edge under controlled

Integrate Observability Ecosystem

Platypus is designed to process observability data.

Ingest time-series data

Processing typpically data types and format.

Filter data by control-flow statements

Supported if, for-in and more. Make your pipeline more flexible.

Integration out of the box

There are 10+ integrations and 40+ built-in functions. grok syntax is also compitable. Help you to start quickly.

Developer Experience Infrastructure

Platypus is a modern programming language built for excellent developer experience.

Powerful IDE supported

Use IDE to accelerate the Platypus development.

* VSCode is supported now.

Developer toolchains

Work in progress, comming soon.

Let's get started

Use platypus to write your first observability data pipeline in minutes.